The other day, my friend and I went to the owl cafe in Osaka, called Owl Family Osaka. We had a 60 minute time slot, the beginning of which we were given detailed instructions about the manner and way of handling the owls. After the instruction, we were able to play with the owls.

The women running the establishment were really friendly and were so loving to the owls, they really helped us to understand the owls that we interacted with!

There were a few owls we were allowed to handle in our allowed time, while some others were in an area where they rested.

It was a really great experience!! The owls were very well behaved and were incredibly friendly. There is also a really cute little owl goods shop in the cafe~!

You should definitely visit someday if you have the chance!

Here’s their blog: http://blog.livedoor.jp/owlfamily/

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Lonely baby quail chick wants to be held ~ cuteness level 1 billion

This is the first born quail chick. She hatched a lot sooner than the rest. In fact, she was all alone for several hours before the other eggs began to hatch! After she dried off in the incubator I stayed with her and eventually it soothed her. She’s still following me around now and likes to stay warm in my hand. I had a little quail buddy for a few hours before her siblings hatched. :) Now she’s with the group.